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Natural Sanitation was the brain-child of Manny Lobaito. After endless days of having to clean up torn garbage bags inside his garbage bins, dealing with the stench of rancid food, the constant mess squirrels, and other rodents were leaving behind he needed to find a solution that would work for him. Initially, the idea started with spraying out his four garbage containers with his garden hose, realizing this was taking quite a bit of time out of his day, he purchased a pressure washer but there was still the concern of the refuse left behind after the cleaning. After researching options and reviewing articles about proper sanitation…Natural Sanitation was born. Millions of people are generating more garbage than ever since the beginning of time and with the global concern of climate change and the warmer weather your garbage is going to smell, then attract rodents while it sits in your bin on the side of your house waiting for trash day. We can provide immediate help, by offering a garbage bin cleaning service that not only cleans but sanitizes. We will eliminate the odor, keep your bins clean, and eliminate the household chore you hate doing….cleaning out your garbage bin!

High Temperature

We clean your bins like no other.  We use 190 degree water to melt the bacteria away!

High Pressure

Not only is high temp, but it is also super high pressured.  3000 psi of blasting power to sanitize your bin!

Fair Prices

We have the best prices around.  

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your going to love the way your cans look and smell when we are done or we will make it right!

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Michelle Hentkowski

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

My garbage cans were real dirty and smelled awful. After they were done cleaning the cans smelled and looked BRAND NEW. PERFECT! Their website was easy to use and Manny kept un great contact. THANK YOU AGAIN

Alyssa Smith 

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I had 3 garbage cans that I haven’t cleaned for almost 10 years. They started to smell around year 2… I never had the time and I honestly did not want to deep clean the cans myself. …More Like Response from the ownera month ago Thank you so much, we are so grateful for your business! You have been such a great customer and we look forward to many more years of working together.

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